Take care of your rug, here's how

All rugs retain their appearance and shape for longer if you remove dirt and stains regularly. If you got a rug from us which mostly has one colour and is light, you will naturally need to clean it more often than a darker, patterned rug. 

Beating or shaking any hand tufted rug subjects it to rough treatment that can damage the rug. Therefore we stress that you air and vacuum your rug instead. 

Vacuum often

Effective vacuuming is the easies and most environmentally friendly cleaning method. It is also the most economical. When you vacuum regularly you remove all the loose dirt and dust. However we advise to not use a vacuum cleaner with a rotary brush nozzle on long pile rugs where there is a risk of damaging the yarn and the twisted thread pairs. Note that it is quite normal for the rug to loose individual fibres when used, these are excess fibres and does not affect the general quality of the rug. If you want to get rid of excess fibres faster, you can vacuum the rug daily for an initial period.

Rotate the rug

To get a more even exposure to sunlight and wear, we recommend that you rotate the rug regularly. 

Remove stains

Like most of us already have been taught by our parents: remove stains immediately. If the stain is already dry, try scraping and then vacuum cleaning. Begin from the edge of the stain and scrape towards the middle. Be careful not to damage the fibres. Remove wet stains by laying kitchen roll paper on the stain. Then use lukewarm water and a cloth or sponge. Dampen the stain soak up the water and repeat the process. Please take care not to use too much water as this will affect the glue that helps hold the wool together. 


Keep in mind that all rugs are made to last a lifetime, we use top quality wool from New Zealand and guarantee that with normal use and some care our rugs will last.