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Why does our wool lead the market?

Why does our wool lead the market?

One simple answer: It's a quality product, made by people who have spent YEARS researching how to make it the best. 
Every batch of wool used here at CVLTURED can be traced back to the farm it came from. 
Our wool blend is specially designed and not available anywhere else besides directly from New Zealand. The wool we use is a blend of Merino and DOwns breeds specially selected for their comfort and strenght. Merino wool alone does not have the durability and strength of the downs wool. 
Not only is our wool grown in New Zealand, but just as importantly, it is processed there as well. Making it super sustainable. 
Let us give you an example: A cheap rug made of cheap, carbonized wool, is weak – it “pills” easily, and doesn’t last. A good high-quality rug made with the wool here at CVLTURED will cost you more because the wool has come from the best part of the sheep, but it is strong and durable and it will last you a lifetime.

Which do you think is the better option? 
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